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  1. oh not doing much I've seen one of those before I'd swat at it with my hat
  2. hey what up, what would you do if you saw this flying at you
  3. lol well congrats ^_^ and yeah work isn't much fun I just got off mine early cause we weren't that busy so I'm happy about that
  4. well i just got my lisens so i can finaly drive besides that nothing fun besides work (moo)
  5. lol it's ok...I haven't really been on much myself no nothing much is new...just went to the doctor today and scheduled an EEG for me the middle of next I'm just waiting for that ^_^ how about you?
  6. hey what up... sorry i havent ben on in a while i have ben bissy like none outher so any thing new
  7. thanks for the movie suggestion ^_^ I like chick flicks and romance things ^_^ I'll be sure to check it out ^_^
  8. it is a sum what new movie IT IS A LOVE chick filck move if your not into those movie DO NOT !!!!!! see it but if you are you might like it. but me i cant stand those movies so ya
  9. I'm afraid I haven't either heard of it nor seen it an old or new movie? and what's it about?
  10. the movie "slum dog millionare" have you seen it or not
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