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  1. ya i just sed something to one of them because thay closed my thred.calling all artists' and i asked them y and thay sed nuthing back yet lol becaus thay know im right lol but sed to my self im just gowing to avoed them from now on
  2. ok the people on here are really starting to tick me off the super mod hassun espically I'm starting to have thin patience for all the mods that run this f***ing site apreantly they don't know how hard it is to post something without it being DELETED OR CLOSED!!!!!! I swear I get one more bad comment from the people that run this site I'm going to scream!!!! neko I really need some advice right now. please?
  3. way ahead of u lol just did it lol im on my psp so it would not let me dow more lol
  4. thanks a bunch now look for my post "favorite anime" hope you'll like it
  5. ok-^^- will dow looking forwerd to it and np im just looking out for my fellow ao friends
  6. I agree whole heartedly. but hey they can't be mad for speaking your mind. after all that's what you was doing right? lol but I'll try to post another post ok? when you get the chance post in it ok?
  7. np its ok one persun sall what i sed lol thay sorta was mad i think lol but thay wher to mean
  8. wow I just checked my post and yeah you were right they really did blow up on me hey thanks for leaving that message on my homepage I just got a notice saying I haven't posted anything in a while and that was the first thing that came to mind I'm not good at coming up with posts that have already been posted I wasn't trying to have anyone do my work honest but yeah thanks for the message that kind of made me laugh lol. hey hope we can be friends and if you want reply back kay?
  9. hey look im sorry for your thred being shut down. thay shuld have not did that and blew up on u and if the people that run this site are looking at this **** u!!! she just wanted help and u all blow up on her ?wtf people o for the other people that look at this and go wtf? lol gool at this girls post ''new anime overall'' ull see what im talking about but ya this site is pissing be off....well just the people that run it.if i was runing this site it would be beter over all
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