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  1. Oh wow that's a bit strict lol. I would of been so mad.
  2. i didnt do my chores and she grounded me for the rest of octber and like 2 first weeks of november
  3. Oh really? What happened????????? Oh its no problem.
  4. no never have any plans and i have been in trouble for a bit so sorry for the wait
  5. It is very nice to met you Destiny. Yeah same here I love all types but my fave is naruto! Oh cool. So you have any plans this weekend?
  6. my name is destiny and i like all kinds of anime or at least whatever sounds good u? right now im watching hotd and maid sama
  7. Hello I'm Jenny what is your name? If you need any help don't be afraid to ask I will try to help any way I can. what kind of anime are you into?
  8. hi how are u im kinda new sooo i dont know much but i do luv anime
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