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  1. sri lanka
    okey understandable but i had great holidays
    ohh well i do not want to go to school -.- i will write many exams now -.-
  2. where's your home country? --if you don't mind me asking--
    nothing for me, my holiday finished yesterday - so today was our first day back in school. it was ok, i missed my friends. the funny thing is we have like 2 months left of school - and everyone, even our teachers, are counting how many days untill summer
  3. ;D pretty good, my holidays arrived but well they will be cetainly short tomorrow i will travel to my homecountry
    and what is going on for u?
  4. thats true....
    how's your week going?.?
    mine was too short...
  5. oh alright, okey well i now cinemas in my cities which are offering 3d movies to watch
    oh okey, well avoxes..hmm probabyl because it would be too much... too cruel? there is no limit of age right?
    well hm with madge i can undestand it in a way cause she is really more o less an extra role and it would have been to complex to introduce her?
  6. no, i didn't. the theaters near me are all in 2D.
    they took out a few characters that i was really excited to see in the movie, like the avoxes and madge (the mayor's daughter)
    but all in all, its a movie eveeryone should go see
  7. waaaah so coool. have u watched it in 3d? do u think it makes sense to watch it like that?
    which pats e.g?
  8. yeah, at some theaters you can.
    i loved it, but i wish some parts that they took out, were in there.
  9. thanks
    really? ahh i'm envious, i want too so say it was really that good? can u also watch it in 3d ?
  10. that sucks, feel better.
    i saw the movie yesterday and it really was amazing!
    i'm already excited for the next one to come out already!
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