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  1. yeah thats not bad i love almost all music I speak Italian Japanese English German Spanish oh and A little latin
  2. Wow, what languages do you speak? The only language I know is English, I know a little Spanish, and I'm learning Ojibwa.

    I listen to a pretty wide range of music too. I actually listen to a lot of rap, but not the crap you hear on the radio. MN has an awesome underground music scene, so I listen to a lot of local rap artists.
  3. well um sorry late respons but i listen to just about every thing (litteraly) espesialy because I speak 6 Different languages but i was listening to M.C.R and Linkin Park but i LOVE all music so i love all music except for hard rap.
  4. Nice to meet you too, my name is Thom. What kind of music do you listen to?
  5. Oh sorry i always write that .................... I am not bored any more i am listining to music any way Hi I'm Charlee(se) nice to meet you
  6. Of course, I'm always looking to meet new people. Not sure what I can do about your boredom though, I'm a pretty boring person.
  7. hi i am bored ................................. Friends?
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