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  1. gonna call ur house .
  2. go edit profile pic and edit avatar upload profile pic and find an avatar
  3. also join akatsuki nd naruto 3000 once u enter tell em ur favorite naruto character
  4. how do i change my pic, i uploaded 2 pics but i dont know how to set it so that is my avatar
  5. yea pretty much just call an attack on kaki afterwards thats who im battling no other dragon seems to really be on just post everything then say i attack so nd so with such nd such ur powers is wat u can think of and use them to outsmart the enemy example shadow barrier or a shadow wave
  6. do i just randomly put my age wep and clan and crap right on the mesage or board or what do i do?
  7. k now go to shadow vs dragon clan nd state ur age clan and primary weapon (thats the funny rp part)
  8. ok ill do that right now, i got a sig up i think, its the negative naotakun with atomsk and both guitars, its pretty sweet hope it works
  9. wat up nigga just founda ya zero is timber and sargathis is spooner so get on my profile and add em o nd join some of our social groups dragon vs shadow clan is awesome me, timba, nd spooner r shadows
    so b a shadow
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