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  1. i told u he would go arrancar! and now hes back to his old self!
  2. to tell you the truth i only read up to the point when kenshin first fights the guy with wrist-launcher, right after sano cracks that guy's gauntlets.
  3. btw i may have to jump offline soon and won't be back until about 8 central time.
  4. yeah, but he still got his butt kicked by sano! you can read most of the manga at its where i read all my manga, plus its free!
  5. the first real anime i saw was dragonball z but i didn't get into it that much until i saw my first rurouni kenshin show. after that i got hooked.
  6. either way he is going to ROCK!!! but i just cant get as excited as i do when i think of whats going to happen in naruto! it was my first manga and it got me hooked on this stuff. i just cant help returning to the same subject or comparing any other manga/anime to N.
  7. kool i gotcha my dude n cnt wait 2 c what kind of ninja u make
  8. just go 2 my page in look at the groups im in then join then once youve done that go 2 the last or 2nd last page in read what some of us have done and introduce urself n have fun with it bra
  9. i think he's going beyond just full hollow mode! did you see his HAIR!? i think he's either fusing with zangetsu or he's going into his own arrancar mode.
  10. aww man! that will be sweeeet! and i think yondaimeprobly infuse some new jutsu to help nar to control the fox better or figure a way to destroy th fox forever, maybe even gve him some cryptic clue that leads to it.
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