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  1. yeah but speaking of gaara i think misashi is going to bring him and the rest of the sand to help defeat pain. imagine gaara against heaven pain!
  2. o yeah! definitely! i just kinda wonder what would happen to his innocence. would he still keep some of it and turn out like shippuden gaara? or would he lose it and turn into something like a mix of pain and the puppet akatsuki guy(srry cant remember his name)?
  3. how would u like 2 join the leaf village shinobi group that im apart of we can always use a new ninja 2 the village
  4. got that right! i think after he accepts the curse seal just before stage 2, zabuza might put up a good fight but still no contest. i think thats why misashi killed him off so soon instead of pulling a cameo later in the series. he works great as first real enemy for the gang but not mush room for growth. i could be wrong though! lol
  5. for some reason i cant poston the thread but here's my response:

    i dont think that he would faint until he was through with the tailed-state, or he was pushed to the point when it took total control over his body but i dont think zabuza could ever push him that far. remember during the sas-nar fight sasuke was probably above kakashi's power that was used to defeat zabuza. but you still make a good point that if zabuza knew enough about the tailed-state then he could just avoid until naruto's body was too strained and the nine-tails might withdraw the crimson chakra to try to preserve his host's life. of course this is assuming that the fox didn't think he could break the seal by over-straining naruto's body.
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