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  1. if your wife has given birth? I hope he's okay, as well as with your son. hopefully both healthy always
  2. Hey, yeah i haven't been on in a few days, i have been at the hospitel, no baby yet but very soon.
  3. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have not been online
    how about you?
  4. if you have a first child may feel like it. . .
    I hope I have children later
    nice to have a child
  5. Thank you its a little scary though, but mostly exciting.
  6. good for you that will become a father!
    my birthday on september 9th
  7. It's okay I'm not mad you asked. It means that I am having a kid in about three weeks, a little girl named Evee(her mother wanted to name her that). My birthday is July 5, what about yours?
  8. and . . .
    when's your birthday?
    I want to know
    so I can at least say happy birthday to you
  9. hey! I want to ask something about your occupation
    being a dad. . . What does that mean?
    I'm sorry if I ask like that
    you will not be mad at me right?
  10. I'm sorry what happened? I am good a little bored, but good.
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