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  1. timba been readin about this thing with the water dragon jutsu and no i dont think that stance means anything other than ur showing u dont know much dude..... anywho it shouldnt matter what ur stance is as long as u defend urself and if im there u know u dont need to so why say this stance means nothing, i studied more than one style of fighting for a number of years and also realize that move is a narutard move i mean its no more simple or complicated than that and ive told you that martial arts is known as the art of war its not to be used other than self defense and a refresher course on that is its defending until you can escape if you know a martial art and stay and fight you could end up seriously injuring someone or worse so yea XP
  2. hey dude wat up?? at my house now .
  3. c ya dude .
  4. gotta make my dad breakfast he at least changed the channel to sumethin so peace out luv ya nigga
  5. i was workin on my gundam pic but i got a little frustrated.right nw im just chillin on here.i also made a post to find out when season 2 or gundam00 is comin to would b nice to know.
  6. kk dude i can do that for u so wat u up to now dude
  7. sounds like a plan.i might need some more machines though.try bring ur collection so i can double chek it to increase my decks awsomeness.
  8. k ill let him use my synchro monster deck and ill pwn wit my dragon deck
  9. gonna bring my cards to the party for kiks if u wanna.maybe we can giv spooner a deck and whomp on him
  10. ur welcome lol but u gave me nightmares to for giving me the idea
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