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  1. ya,same here.its so boring here when evrything is blocked and there is nothin to do
  2. WHAT about you...
  3. Okay , people got on The Dragon Clan or The Shadow Clan write ........ something...
  4. kill me and get raid of the boby.... in that order....please.
  5. Im so bored at i can fall the sleep.. I am noctural...
  6. Angela Alexander,people call me Shadow....but I have alot of Rain,Rin,Shell and more. and the means all say a little because me.
  7. thanx,yes he told me and u are .
  8. I like your pic...on your deck Beauty i wish i can do it ..... I said your a silence firty.....I see
  9. so Steven talk you who????? ..
  10. Maybe forever.....I can`t hold a long secert... so how is your day so far.... me Okay bored...
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