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  1. T.T don't tell me about tests i will cry now , i really hate tests ... and i wish if i can do them right @.@ ... =^_^=
  2. as of now,im doin a testgod this is annoying.stupid test.
  3. ^^ you are welcome , i have been good but tired i am studying hard but i am not getting anything form it XD so i am studying , what about you ^^ ... =^_^=
  4. lol.thanx flatteredur the first one to think of it as a first name.evryone else thought that my friends gave me a weird nickname.anyways,how hav u been lately?
  5. thanx XD , WOW Timber it is a very cool name believe it or not i really like it , when i readied your name i said WoW and i never think that it is a nickname ^^ ... =^_^=
  6. Noor.....thats koolmy real name is Timber believe it or,its not my nickname,its my real one.just thought i should clarify since evryone nevr believes me the 1st time.
  7. ^_^ well it is ok , my dad want me to study that is why he dosen't like drawing becasue i am very bad in school lol >< , and my really name is Noor that mean i Arabic light ^_^ , what about you ? ... =^_^=
  8. lol.srry to hear ur dad doesnt like dad says its a good passtime and a way to express urself so i tend to draw quite a bit.hey,wuts ur real name?just outta curiosity.
  9. WOW !!! hat is very awesome >< my dad say that drawing is a waste of time , but i draw but maybe i am lazy in school because of that lol >< ... =^_^=
  10. its ok.ive been drawing since middle school bc my dad inspired me when i was young.
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