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  1. oh i like reading and playin video games and i really like sleeping lolz
  2. Well, what do you do in your spare time when your not hanging with your friends.......or guys for that matter. Do you like to play video games? Watch a favorite show? Hang out online? You know, stuff you normally do when you aren't with your buddies.
  3. i do all kinds of stuff.....could u be just a liittllee more spisific??
  4. Heh. Well now, isn't that special So do you like doing anything else in particular or are dating cute guys the only thing you do in life........not that it's bad or anything.
  5. i like dating alot^^hehe guys r a special aspect 2 my life^^
  6. Lol. That's one way to do it. Opens up several possibilities huh? Okay then. Judging by your "about me" page, I am giving a wild guess you're really into guys. Of course, being a girl, I would hope so. So what, you like dating a lot or are you just making an obvious statement?
  7. thanx hmmmm got one.......... what do u wanna talk about
  8. Heh. Good luck with that
  9. tottaly hmm i gotta come up wit sumpin else..
  10. Good question actually. Probably to break the ice. You know, a conversation starter. That or they care about you......Eh, I would say the 1st reason......In my case at least.
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