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  1. hey Zero,

    Yes indeed its been along time. I needed a break since I was sick alot and such. Things werent that great for me. How are you? I hope your well. I hope to hear from you soon again.
  2. Hello Mangalover. How long has it been? A Year? Maybe even longer? Oh well. Nice to see you again though
  3. Well I am doing okay I guess. It's been a long day for. So muc to do now and days. Rarely get enough time to chill out for a bit. So your running all over the place too huh? Heh. Well I hope your having more fun than I am around here. On top of that, I have ANOTHER prom to attend with a date I don't wish to bring. *sigh* What a week.
  4. Hey Zero-kun....How are you???...I'm doing okay...I've been really busy lately...Its not normal anymore...So how is your day going???...
  5. Well at the moment, I am stranded at my school. A little worried but fine either way.
  6. Hi Zero-kun...-Then blushes cause you said kissing-...Uhm...-shakes head-...Good I want you to be healthy....Well I'm still not feeling very good well today is just a bit a sorrowful day thats all...-smiles softly-...So how are you???
  7. Aww. Sorry your not feeling too hot And what's this about me never getting sick? Unless you plan on kissing me better everytime I go under the weather, you'll have to put up with it hun. However, I will try my best to stay healthy for you
  8. Hi Zero-kun...No nothing really new...Not feeling very good at the moment...But well...I hope your doing better now...Cause you are not allowed to get sick again got it...-puts hand on hip and waves one finger infront of your face and leans a bit foreward-...okay...Yeah I'm busy...See yah...
  9. Heh. Don't worry. I like that name Sorry I haven't been on lately. I was punished for a while and soon afterwards, got a little ill......yet again. I am doing fine now though Getting pretty busy over there huh? Oh well. That's life for ya. So, anything new with you?
  10. Hey Zero-kun....Sorry I like to call you that....^_^...Long time no see...Where were you all that time???...So how are you..??I'm doing fine being busy lately hardly time for myself but I can do it so...And yeah maybe I will find someone sooner or later...^_^...
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