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  1. hello,that is fun to say isnt it?anyways,how r u today ?
  2. I cant help are a friend of mine of course I worry...-still looks worried and hugs back-...Bye bye take care and cya...-waves-...
  3. heh.dont b wrried,ill live.*gives you a hug*good bye hun
  4. Okay I hope you get better okay...-looks worried-...I hope to see you soon then okay...Take care okay...
  5. just talkin to u,which is funnest activity on here in my opinion howevr,i think im getting off for a mom probably doesnt want my tieing the phone line up all day.besides,my stomach is acting up again ill try catching u on here latr though
  6. Glad you get it now...-laughes-...oh well...So what are you doing now..???
  7. lol.ya,i was wondering about that.confused the hell outta me.makes since now though.......sorta
  8. Yeah it is so funny...I laughed so hard tears were coming too...Oh my and tokini-chan calls me Shippo mini girl cause of my Fox on Inuyasha...Oh well...
  9. lol.wut a classic.......say,i got a little curious and looked into the conversation ur having with tokini about how funny inuyasha can b.i havent seen many episodes but he is very funny......especially the sit part
  10. Yeah it was the most ideas were from me just like this one...They say when you put the fingers of a person into a cup of water they will wake up and go to the toilet immediatley...So was there one time I tried that too with someone else..I stood next to the bunk bed and he slept on the highest of it...I put his fingers into the cup with water and then without any seconds thought he jumped from the highest bed and run to the toilet and I was so shocked cause it happend so fast that when he came back I was still standing there...He asked me what I was doing there so I said something but I didnt say it was my fault an he believed me too...It was hilarious...
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