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  1. ok sweet he he he i'll check them out in a sec he he he
  2. i did.u should chek them google for madara uchiha pictures and click the site that says naruto-wallpapers or something.they r kool.
  3. yah im pretty sure that's it yeps he he he it's awesome we played it when it first came out i believe lol ^^ and i bet u'll find some really great pics lol he he he
  4. just finding some kool pics for the site.u mean budikai tencheichi 2?thats the only kool game for dbz i can think of.
  5. yah i like playing games like that there was this one dragon ball z game that i played with a friend he kicked my ass at but it was the first time i played and it was really cool i forget what it's called tho i just membered how good it was i think i'll look it up in a bit but im trying to create a vid with the built in vid impression on my comp it's not as good as the one that came with my bro's recording software but it might create a better pic if i put it on youtube... what about u what are u up to hmm? lol ^^
  6. ya,tha would b fun to go against someone else for once huh?i need a better challenge dang it!.....if only this game were a sport.i would b mvpanyways,what r u up to?
  7. he he he wow u must be very good then ^^ i dono if i could beat u but it would be fun to try no doubt ^^
  8. hahaha.i play a olot of characters:itachi,gaara,neji,yellow flash,and kimimaro(i pwn with him!).hinata is a good character too.she can b quite a challenge.good luck trying to evr beat me though.i can get perfects on extreme mode like its nothing.evn all those around who hav played forevr and "thought"they could take me were slams into the dirt by my skillz
  9. he he he well well is that a challenge lol we'll find out if we ever play who is infact better bhahaha lol jk im not that great but i like playing with hinata anyways.. and if u beat me i'll just have to get better at it lol he he he
  10. hah.kool.u should try ultimate ninja 3.its awsome.nevr try to face me on it though.i will go all kimimaro on u
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