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  1. anime character huh.thats koolwut characters do u like to cosplay with?i just might know who ur talking about.....maybe.
  2. haha no problem. No worries I enjoy the conversation. I may be alittle slow at responding but please for give me.
    I make some of my outfits and depending on the character I'll order it. A lot of times I cosplay as visual kei band members but when I have the money I will cosplay as an anime character.
  3. thanx.u asked for it though.i get really bored on here so i might talk too much.srry if thats the ur into cosplay huh?what kind?do u get the outfits from certain shows or do u just kinda make them up?
  4. hello, welcome. Feel free to message me when ever you like.
  5. hi kinda new here.just trying to find some people to chill with on here .
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