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  1. see my friends list .
  2. k i will talk to my mom .
  3. sure,ill ask about u stayin.ur parents will hav to drop u off at salt fork and pick u up though.we can drive u to my house once u get there though.i would try to hav u driven bak to ur house but my mom is workin the next day.
  4. i could just stay with all we need is a ride to ur house if ur mom and dad is ok with it
  5. ya.ur welcome to join the catch though......swimming is $6 so if u wanna swim,bring a little money.other than that,bring w/e.ill b bringing rock band to play on the big screen in the lounge if nothin important is goin need for a present.just come
  6. so its this weekend .
  7. on sunday.i decided to do the party on saturday bc its during the weekend and not right before school and josh and spooner r sleepin ovr to play video game so sunday would b a bad idea.ILL B 18 WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. win is ur b-day .
  9. eh,not b-day is comin up going to have a party at the salt fork lounge on houseu can come if u wanna.
  10. yeh ur right it is going to take a little time for this to work so whats been going on
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