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  1. um......o.O idk lol
  2. hi there!
    just been really busy with work
    I did you give you my aim....right?
  3. lol so hows it goin havent heard from ya in a while
  4. lol well id rather be there than here im gona love canada cool to cold weather to me atleast xspecialy compairing here to there
  5. ohhhhhhh!
    no wonder!
    I am up in Massachusetts and even here it is warm for me....^^
  6. yea im in south carolina HOT but it has cooled of a bit for now
  7. O_O
    and why is that?
    are you from a southern state?
  8. well i feel the same way lol but that could be cuz im burning up right now lol
  9. yes!
    I always preferred the winter of the summer....
    in my opinion.I would rather be extra cold than all sweaty and hot...
    but maybe that is just because I am Russian...LOL
  10. lol i agree fully with that one its easy to warm yourself up but once your hot it takes a while b4 you will cool off also sweating aint cool lol my type of weather is cool all it takes is a light jacket sometimes
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