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  1. lol nm just playing mabinogi its a good mmo lol
  2. There is nothing new with me, I am doing fine, so what about you, anything new?
  3. lol better than christmas day lol but how are ya
  4. It was a really long time, maybe I'll get to see everyone again in September or
    sometime before Christmas.
  5. O.O thats so long ago lol
  6. Yeah, might want to because it was good to see everyone again considering last
    time I saw them was Christmas, I think.
  7. ahh i see sounds like a good idea tho i should aswell
  8. Good, I had a lot to do for a week that consisted of seeing family members before
    school started back, so that took up a lot of time.
  9. lol its cool how ya been
  10. I am good now that I am online, sorry it took me so long, so how are you?
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