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  1. yah well u kno me and gav tried to come on but well his email thingy messed up but well he might get a new one soon and sweet came on on newyears both other then that not many ppl come here anymore but its alright ^^ just try ur bestest
  2. lol ur right il try but idk anyone here anymore its weird
  3. hey my dork he he he i just realised that u have way less vms then me better catch up cutie ^^ <3
  4. awww alright then i love you too as always good night sweetie he he he tty on msn ^^ <3
  5. yea i loved it back then but i think i should get off here for tonight i love u as always baby <3
  6. and presto shes there ... dum dum dum he he he he lol im not used to u being on at the same time it's funny it reminds me of way back
  7. yea i just wanted to see if u was gona get back on and to reply to u from earlier lol
  8. lol wow hun i didn't even notice u where on he he he he
  9. :P looky who cought u online for once lol
  10. he he he awww thats sweet hunny and thank you i missed u too he he he lol i love you as well lol
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