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  1. awww ok love u im fine btw bye baby
  2. im ..not aloud to say fine.. well im kinda tierd i guess not feeling that well...hbu..? and i gtg byes
  3. lol yea so how are ya
  4. i gtg now ks... i have math next and i now have 2 textbooks to carry so great she gave us a gr 12 book as well to work out of in class
  5. yah i know but what can u do right... and atleast i can go one greatful for
  6. awww thats lame
  7. yah i kno me either... but i it's blocked at school so no worries i can't go on it anyways
  8. lol i guess youl be on at school alot huh and yea i kinda dont miss it tho
  9. hey hun i think im gona try the flash cat and c if it works here would u b willing to join me for five ten mins..?
  10. hey fine currently im in class but i think i've already seen this part of the movie so it's all good.... and how r u doing enjoying ur day off lucky and yah u don't come on very often nor do i infact buit im on when i can ar school tho
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