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  1. i know my mom and brother wants me to date someone from the airforce or navy they said if it's someone we knew then it won't be like them worrying since they know the guy,,,,, i hope it's not the one they wanted me to date years ago...hmph....and not anytime even if i move back there i dont know i guess .. dunno really
  2. well just dont till u move back or atleast switch jobs
  3. well whoever it is going to be has to make sure it's me not anyone else lol... that is for sure this time....lmao. can't have my li'l hear broken up in five places i don't know again i might not be able to take it now that my mom has gone back home to ny
  4. lol i dont think u should
  5. lol date maybe if i wasn't with anyone exclusive lol! funny ... but dunno ... i am not sure i am ready to date anytime soon
  6. lol that would drive you
  7. funny i don't think i can handle two lmao
  8. o.O two men?
  9. I give up lol!!! throwing my hands down ...don't worry i wont it is going to take more than a guy to put me down
  10. now now sara yea i did tell you so but still you had to see for yourself or you wouldent give up now just dont do anything youl regret and u kno im here like always if u need me or want me lol
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