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  1. yes i'm ok just confused and satterd so much is going on right now but hey oh well.
  2. well good do what you want.............................................. ..
  3. yeah i understand that but i don't look forward to summer but that is beacuse i don't know what will happen but i'm sure what does will be fine as long as the things that matter most to me are alwayls there.
  4. well yeah i know most people are like that at times hey so am i at times but i have been giving it up and will keep doing that chage is happing and i will not miss it and good for you good luck.
  5. hey z i understand but you will starght and strong but also getting a goode job if you keep going i know it is bioring and it seems like a waste of time but tust me it really does hlep in your life some stuff you need other stuff you dont but it is good to keep going back and just keep your head up and smile ok later.
  6. hey z how are you doing i bet school sucks huh but try and make things light and wigeht free it will make things eisier turst me i tried it it worked just take time center your slef ang then it will work later.
  7. oh i see are you happy to go back or you know it will be hell for you?
  8. yeah i know not a lot just things and stuff getting mixed up but no problems really just life lol
  9. lol i'm fine just a little bit tired i woke up way to early this moring oh i guess i went to bed really late to
  10. hey z what is up and well you know what i'm going to say how have you been.
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