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  1. hey z what's up and were are you my freind? somthing has you busy
  2. yes we can be frenids and i turst you to be my frenid talk later
  3. z i'm ok and thank you so much for everything if you need more just send me pm and i will tell you more ok
  4. we can be frenids z you have my freindship your very cool ttyl
  5. z kyle is gone as in we may never hear from him again
  6. ok z you got it but the problem alredy happend and is over now with kyle so no need to worry it is done
  7. .telling...everyone...on...flashchat..that....Alur card_spriggan...says....goodbye....foreverer...sor ry..i'm...crying....shadow
  8. hey thanks not much and you? well i will talk later ok bye.
  9. hey thought i would drrop in and say hi ttyl shadow
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