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  1. cool i havent been there in a while either and i just joined myself
  2. I requested u on gaia,it's fun on there,but like I said,I was off for a long time right after I joined....
  3. sweet lol i dident do much tho juat made it rly lol
  4. =^.^= Gaia is a cute game,I first found it a lil' over 6 mon. ago.......but,I got off for several months. I am on again,and will add u!
  5. yea i just got one lol same name so friend me when ever
  6. ohhhhhh,I have heard of it,I just forgot the name XD I would see it advertised on shonen jump. It looks like a good game,and if I make an account,I will find u! Are you on gaia online by any chance?
  7. check it out if u join join on the Tarlich server im there lol
  8. ^^ what is mabinogi? I have never heard of this before.......
  9. im only playing mabinogi for now i need to get stronger lol
  10. I'm alright,u? I'm playing Resident Evil 4 right now,I was playing Baroque,but I kinda am taking a lil' break for a few weeks to finish this now. Are you playing any games btw?
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