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  1. Well I must say Zev so far, you are flawless in my opinion. Keep up the good moderating. =)
  2. I'm a Modzilla, I know. ^_^ I hope you know I'm just trying to help you out and make you into a top notch poster. Not that your not already a good poster now, just everyone has room for improvement, even myself. So if you ever have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them.
  3. No I see what ya mean, you want to keep everything in line. This site at least has friendly mods. =)
  4. It was, thus the warning, its a little thing. Just think about it though, if everyone was having there own conversation, there wouldn't be any discussion going on. I have been to forums like that, and I really didn't like them because they were so out of control.
  5. Nah, I just didn't think that was a big deal. No worries, this site is better than any other forum I've been on so far.
  6. Not really, were pretty laid back compared to some of the other forums out there. Do you think I was being too strict?
  7. Guess you guys are pretty strict around here, huh?
  8. Its ok, sometimes it happens. ^_^
  9. Just got your message, sorry about that Zev .
  10. You are after you become a community member, then you will be able to upload your own avatar. So that mean being here for 30 days and having 250 posts.
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