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  1. lol Well what IM do you use? Nothing much, my boss is taking a pie in the face today! Haha hope she isn't angry,it was between me an her, I felt she was better suited for it. Went to go see that Magic Mike movie last night with my friends, that movie is so horrible. I don't think there was any plot.
  2. Meh, I don't dabble with Skype. This is sufficient I suppose. What else's been cooking up in your life, Miss Zev?
  3. I think I only have skype, and I think my username is Christenzilla. It's been along time since I downloaded it. lol
  4. Do you belong to any chat medium that I can add you on?
  5. It was a worthwhile attempt at least. I thought it was quite interesting. It seems though that only a handful of members care which direction this site is headed. Whoever was in charge during the renovation of this place made some terrible judgements. It's not the thread that is the problem, people just aren't bestowed with enough interest to care these days. This site can't even keep up with the latest anime and discussing what's already there has become tired and recycled almost. Perhaps you and I can come up with a plan together.
  6. Hmmm.... so yeah... I think operation "Get to know" you thread was a failure, doesn't seem like anyone cares. Not that you are not interesting enough or anything.

    Why are we avoiding questions? lol Too personal? It's harder than expected coming up with random questions. I was going to ask you if you had a girlfriend and something more interesting or atleast more juicy, but I thought it might have been too personal.
  7. Boys Over Flowers is a really good kdrama, not certain I have seen the one with Golden in the title. Although with kdrama's they usually have different translations for the title names. You should watch some kdrama's when you have time.

    Thanks for the compliment. haha

    Yesterday I was so tired from work, I think I sat on my couch and then the next thing I remember is sunlight. I don't know if it's old age or just the heat, it's tiring. I think today it was like 103 degrees! And it's super humid here too. Whenever I'm rich, I'm going to have 2 houses in different states so I can live in a comfortable climate all year round.

    So yeah, as far as the project thingamabobber I'm going to start a thread and all you have to do is answer all the questions people will ask you. Granted there probably will not be that many people, we shall see how this goes. I do not have my hopes up for a big turn out, but hey at least it is something.
  8. So, Zev. How will this project in hopes of reinstating a more active AO be conducted?
  9. Being able to sufficiently tread water and swim is a prime requirement for Naval induction. A friend I've just recently gotten in touch with after a while has grown a addictive liking for Korean dramas as well. I think he watches "Boys Over Flowers" and some other show with the word 'Golden' in the title.

    No one wants to become intimately friendly with their age group anymore, pretty soon species mixing will be a regular thing. Sorry you have to endure the sleaze of the elder society. I checked out your 2012 photo album (and I ain't even 40 or 60) and you look great, you always had such a cute face and nicely tended to hair. ^____^

    Oh, I'm so happy you're back around, Zev. XD
  10. Hope you know how to swim. Is swimming a requirement to get in the Navy?

    Whats happened to me? Nothing new really, the only thing thats changed is that I now watch Korean dramas along with anime. Oh and old men keep hitting on me, when I say old I'm talking 40 to 60 yr olds. Not sure what I did wrong for this kind of bad karma.
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