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  1. I'd be a more savvy scalp therapist or masseur, or I could learn to inherit the ability to become a mustache stylist. The military seems to be a rewarding career path, and it secures financial necessities also. I hope I don't return with a hunched back, a smell of grog upon my chest, and a face that is sure to tell horrible stories of the untamable blue yonder. I've always adored the ocean though, from afar into its horizon.

    How about you, Zevzi! What's been happening with you during the time that's passed?
  2. No it was not last year sometime, it was the other day! lol You don't like eating dehydrated meats, wearing plaid? Sometimes I feel like I don't know you at all.

    What! You are joining the Navy, that is no fun. And how I'm I going to talk to you when you join the Navy? I really think you should just be a hair dresser instead.

    I plan to be more active here, because I realize that everyone returns at some point and when they do I will get to talk to my friends that I had made here. I just wish the forum was in better shape.
  3. Did the "other day" happen to be last year sometime? I uploaded a gaggle of videos during the last few months of 2011. My most current upload was a promo that vaguely conveys the biggest project that I'll be creating thus far. A beard? Hmmm, that's a more suitable look for a man who likes to only eat dehydrated meats or chopping large amounts of wood wearing plaid from head to toe.

    I won't be replacing Dog with any other show, that was just a project to sort of mute my boredom. After these projects are finished and main to my channel I'll be joining the Navy. I've missed talking to you, Zev. You were always of the few pleasantries I knew here. If you'll be more active I know it'll be worth doing the same myself.
  4. You think I am polite, tehehehe.

    Did you find a new show yet to replace your Dog the Bounty Hunter yet? I stopped by your youtube channel the other day and there were not any new videos so I thought that you must have given up on parkour. I guess your just waiting until the end of the year then. Any plans for a full beard in the future?
  5. It's cool, I'm glad to see you're still active though too. This site couldn't afford to lose such a polite user as yourself. Yeah, the Dog show aired its final episodes a couple weeks back I believe. Months before that though I discontinued my filming recaps on the current season, so a bit of pain for the show's cancellation. It was sort of expected considering these minute family clashes that were taking place and how Dog's most well-known sons (Leland and Duane-Lee) decided to disband from their father's company. Though, the parkour is still quite alive. Been hard at work creating some very large projects set to release towards the end of the year. And my mustache, t'is maturing and becoming peppier.
  6. Sorry it took almost a year for me to reply, time goes by faster the older you get it seems. lol

    I don't watch Bridezillas anymore. I saw that Dog the Bounty Hunter got canceled, how did you deal with it? I remember you really liked that show alot! You still doing parkour stuff? You still growing a mustache? Haha

    AO has almost no activity going on, it is sad. However just look at the brightside, since there is less people we can make it our own little private forums to do whatever we want. ^_^
  7. Zev, it's been a huge while. I messaged you last year but you never got back to me.

    Anyways, I hope you've been well and enjoying re-runs of "Bridezillas", I believe that's what you liked in terms of televised entertainment. This place isn't all that I used to enjoy. Faint frequencies of activity, very little traffic, sad sort of. You've always been the one mod I liked the most.

    Thanks for dropping me a message, Zev. Hope to read from you more often.
  8. I'm surprised to see you still around here, I had thought all the good members left. ^_^
  9. Hey, how have you been, good, that's good. I've been fine, whatcha been up to, not much, me neither. So this website's pretty cool, huh, what do you think, I What's up?
  10. Perhaps they are trying to better their skills? lol No one really knows, its not important why.
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