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  1. I hope so, why are they all targeting us anyway?
  2. Just have to ride out the bad times. lol It will get better don't worry.
  3. Well ain't that some shiat, we be getting hacked again Zev.
  4. Well you are a mod, you gotta uphold your title. The forums have just seemed slow lately, but I've been getting back on track. So how ya been?
  5. Oh you know, the usual, fighting off demons and monsters. Hahaha I still think am a tad more active here than you. :P
  6. Damn Zev, where have you been, girl!? ^^
  7. Because its so much cuter that way! lol For real, I don't know, I will have to ask and get back to you.
  8. Hey Zev, why is everything center page format ?
  9. Not much just the usually boring agenda. There's a television special on parkour on MTV. I know you're not into parkour but I bet it will be pretty interesting to watch.
  10. I wish I had to time to just chill out! lol Whats up with you lately?
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