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  1. Zev, you seem to be busy all the time, why don't you chill out once in a while?
  2. Hi Zev .
  3. That is a good point. Yeah everyone's going back to school. Luckily I take a graphic arts course at my school and when I finish with my work I get to mess around on the computer for the remainder of the day. Sadly no one is ever on at that time.
  4. Well they have been slow because you havn't been around. As Len says Sept is a slow month because summer vacation is over for many people.
  5. Well I've been working on this video that has been weighing heavily on my conscience, I just want to get it done. That and the forums have been pretty slow lately.
  6. Hmm... who are you? Hahaha Yeah, of course I remember you although I havn't seen much of you lately. Have you been that busy?
  7. Remember me? =P
  8. That's funny because my name is Chris .
  9. Yep, Christen is my real name. The whole "Chris" part is a very popular name. lol I have just been doing boring tasks that I have to do, nothing exciting.
  10. Lol, so what has Zev been up to lately, is your real name Christen ?
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