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  1. And just to let you know, I understand your thinking about the rule and I still think you made a good thread.

    I have been great, I have today and the next three days off work. Hopefully one day I will get a chance to lounge around in my pjs and kick back. Whats up with you?
  2. Well anyhow, how's shit been lately ?
  3. Well its just so we don't get a swarm of new members posting a whole bunch of favorite threads that have already been done, many, many times before. lol After you have been here for a certain amount of time, seeing 50 million of "whos your favorite person" threads, well it can get kind of annoying. I think thats why they put that rule in place, then again I was not around when they created the rule, so I can't be for sure.
  4. Not to be a jerk or anything, but some of these rules are pretty ridiculous. It doesn't make sense that a regular member like me can't make certain threads.
  5. I have been good. You just have to remember that he only gives you infractions because he cares. ^_^ I did like the thread you made about anime women, I would have posted in it however it got closed before I saw it.
  6. Hey, how ya been lately? I've been slipping, aceman's been giving me mad warnings and infractions lately.
  7. Oh, I'm fine just been busy with my parkour training .
  8. Well I'm pretty sure I talked to you last, so it was your turn. ^_^ I havn't actually seen you around lately, is everything ok?
  9. Long time no talk, huh? ^^
  10. I know, but actually you lucked out, he only gave you a warning. ^_^ Which I think he does that to pretty much everyone, he gave me a warning for the same thing back in May. So I went back and edited my post and wrote as much stuff as I could think of, and then just forgot about the whole thing.

    You did get an infraction for your signature being too big though. Why don't you take that one off and have someone make you an awesome signature using the same image? Signature Request Thread
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