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  1. Shhh.... nobody knows am a devil women! hahaha
  2. Hello zev. You may want to check this out. It was a collaboration I did.
  3. Hey telecomm temptress, I am getting drunk right now. What are you up to???
  4. I've just been busy spring cleaning, and working. Work is totally stressing me out lately. Whats new with you? Your back in the states right?
  5. Been really busy lately working and stuff. How is life back in the states?
  6. I haven't spoken to you in awhile. Still the hotess thing in the telecomm community?????????
  7. Well welcome back, I hope once you get back you don't start missing Cuba.
  8. Yes, today in fact I will be in florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah.
  9. I just got over being sick! I'm finally feeling better. lol Hows things going with you? Coming back to the US soon?
  10. what have you been up to lately ????????
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