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  1. You are a flash chat person are you?
  2. Hahaha I was just kidding, no you have good taste in people.
  3. I read your reponse on my journal. Yes I think Rukia is attractive but i also said as much of you, so is my taste still bad.
  4. Lol this site has been up for a long time, through the good and the bad, I think it will be fine. Anywho, how are you?
  5. How are you zev. I am so hardcore I am having a t-shirt made that says I survived the attack of september 28th. How are you.
  6. Umm... I don't know if I will get to watch the UFC fight. Because I will be at work! However we have 6 giant flat screen tvs that they usually play sports or fights on while were at work.

    I'm sightly jealous, I tried to take off one day of work and got denied because we are understaffed.
  7. Howdy stranger. I am not up to much. i have to work several days straight and boy is that going to be annoying, but I get four days off so I can't complain. The UFC fight is tonight. Are you going to watch it?
  8. LOL Yeah, that was cute. I'm good, super busy though. Whats up with you?
  9. How are you doing? I have not messeged you for awhile. You like how you put the awe in awesome TCT.
  10. I view being silly as just saying random things and being cute. Humor I view as something that I can't help but laugh at. That is just how I think anyways.
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