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  1. What do you mean exactly? I thought humor and silliness were sort of the same. What do you consider to be funny?
  2. Yeah, I just read it, it was good. I think you should try to add a little humor to your poems instead of being silly.
  3. Yeah I'll try. It sucks that we can not put as many poems up as we want. But what can you do? Try to read my latest it is meant to be silly.
  4. Oh things are peachy keen. Just getting ready to go to work. I see you have been busy creating threads today! Just remember only 4 a day.
  5. Telecomm Temptress I am pleased to see you are online again. How are things.
  6. Sorry I held you up good friend. I hope you enjy them and also I posted one in my journal section. Mostly because it is my journal section and I can.
  7. Well just policing the forums, so watch out! ^_- hahaha I was going to start reading more of your poetry, as a break from policing.
  8. Zev I am glad you are back, and totally dig that you liked that one poem. What are you up to right now? You rock.
  9. Thank you dear Zev. Sadly I have to go and attend to some business, maybe we can chat later.
  10. I'm just trying to wake up! lol Yeah I will have to read them later, I liked that vampire/witch poem you wrote. It was very good, one of my new favorites actually.
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