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  1. hey zev we dont talk anymore but o well just drop in to say happy holloween hope you are having fun see ya laterz
  2. hey zev never mind about that i guess it was just a glitch well thanks and latez
  3. hey zev i dont mean to bug but everytime i go to the homepage on this site its plain and my computer is telling me to run a download to my webcam and its kind annoying me. could you help me out if you can that would be sweet well thanks and laterz zev o ya and have a nice day
  4. yo hows it going zev long time no see so what are you up to know days. hows work?
  5. damn well that suck but its cool. always got to keep your guard up. DTA as my family would say.
  6. I put all guys in that category, and an even a few girls too. Just kidding about the last part.
  7. i hope you dont put me in the same category like all the other guys who are jsut trying to get with you for $eX i really mean what i say and i hope you dont freak out and stop talking to me
  8. unpack were you on a trip. and if you need motivaton then why not listen to some yams
  9. I have been trying to work up some motivation to unpack my things, so far it hasn't happened. ^_^
  10. yo hows it going..
    im good just tired and bored...
    so how have you been. so wht up what are you doing today....
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