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  1. Hey thanks. I have been good, very busy, but good. How have you been?
  2. yo congrats on the promo hows it going its been a while. well how have you been? well hit me up any time well laters and have a nice day peace
  3. im good just checking on all my friend and seeing what they are doing. other then that im just chillen. so how your day going?
  4. Oh you know, same old stuff, making people cry. lol Sometimes its just way too easy. What have you been up too?
  5. yo hows it going? what have you been up to? so the world of the living today?
  6. yo so what have you been up to? how life? damn i hate thios 500 character thing
  7. well zev nice to meet you but i got to go ill be back again tomorrow well laters
  8. yo thanx for the add hey i just wante to know what kind of anime do you like? i like action and adventure so romance if has a good story to it.
  9. yo zev hows it going i just wanted to know if you would like to be my friend if not then i thats cool.
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