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  1. Oh, I was just helping you shorten it a bit. Lol Just kidding, sorry, copy and paste accident there. Totally fixed it though. Yeah I like your idea about the whole title thing, however this will probably be the only POTM poll I set up, because its Hammy's territory.
  2. In the August POTM voting thread... my poem is incomplete Could you help me out and throw the bottom half of my poem in there?
  3. lol Ok your last post in the birthday thread was too funny!
  4. and yet you look so innocent. I bet that comes in handy.
  5. Oh trust me, you don't want to know where I was going with that. >.< Yeah, am kind of a bad girl.
  6. "The only effective way to break apart two people... eh never mind."
    Woah... where were you going with that?.. See, I knew you had that "I cut people up" look in your eye. I was just thinking more of a switch blade... and now I'm thinking chainsaw. lol
  7. Your avatar humors me. Greatly. A lot has changed in 3 years. The absence of zoints profiles being the saddest occurrence in my opinion.
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