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  1. Yeah. ^^; I try to keep my options very open. :P

    But man have I been busy for the last few days. Going to the state fair and stuff that's been going on. I've hardly been on AO any other!!! XD
  2. LOL A few! I like how you keep your options open.

    I hated math class, so if I had to take a math class and didn't have to learn anything that sounds pretty good to me. Sounds like you have some good classes .
  3. I'm great!!! Sorry to hear you're so busy though.

    School is alright. Same as last year. I like all of my classes this year since I'm sure I'll make good grades in them except geometry. I haven't really learned a thing in there. The class is kind of col. We do stuff but as for

    Cute guys?? XD That's hard to come by where I live but I do have a few that I really like.
  4. Hey girl! Yep, been kinda busy lately. What have you been up too? Hows school going? Any cute boys in your class? ^_-
  5. Zev!!! I haven't talked to you in forever!!!! -hugs- How are you??
  6. 'kay. I was just wondering. I'm glad you still like your siggy. ^^
  7. Thanks for your offer, I don't really have any good ideas for a new signature right now, and my old signature still looks great I think I will keep it awhile longer.
  8. Of course!! You're soooo pretty!!! ^^ And thanks. I used to always have animated avis awhile back but then I couldn't find anymore so I just went with avis that matched my siggy.

    Hey do you want a new siggy?? I can make you another one. Or remake your old one, if you want.
  9. Hey Renn, thanks for the compliment on my picture. I see you went animated with your avatar, very nice.
  10. Wow! You're really pretty!! XD Oh sorry. I was going to tell you your siggy is done!! GO check it out in the siggy request!! ^__^
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