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  1. And probably because I would break them intentionaly just to spite you causing even more trouble.
  2. You know what would make me want to make fun of you more for doing! No guesses? Well then I will tell you. Either dressing up in my high heels or voting in the POTM. Since you are too far away from my high heels, and you would so never be able to walk in them. You are better off just voting. ^_-
  3. Thats good, I was feeling rather bad and left out, nice to know you will be back on my case shortly.
    So other then lashing out at people at your work, whats going on?
  4. Sorry, I know am just horrible. I will be back on your case a couple of days maybe. I'm saving all of my negative sarcastic energy for the people I work with. They really need it right now. ^_- But I didn't forget about you.
  5. You are shurking your duties again, you have not given me a hard time in a while.
    Any way whats up Zevy?
  6. Oh I do I can assure you of that, even if its hard for you to believe.
  7. Hey thanks for the belated birthday wishes! ^_^ Look at you trying to act like you have a life outside of AO.
  8. Happy 23 birthday there Zev, yeah I know its a day late but I was out and about most of the day.
  9. Why are you making a big hub bub about this? No really, I am starting to be curies as to why you feel the need to make this even an issue. I have a few ideas but I am not one to jump to conclusions.
  10. Ok so I had a thought. If you were dating a much much older woman (think nursing home), she will most likely die before you, so then it will seem like you were with her forever. Issue solved!
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