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  1. Here's mine: C-Runner
    Can't wait to challenge you, but hey! tommorow's Friday!
    Cya in the battle ring!
  2. thats the spirit whats your account so i know who you are mines is (CBK)ken-shin1
  3. Challenge Accepted! I never scare of anything especially challenges!
  4. on weekends mostly do you accepcet my challange? or are you scared
  5. Well, I'm still new to SFO but I'll try my best, so what time are we going to play?
  6. do you play streetfighteronline or sfo for short if you do i will play you this friday
  7. Well, I see you are a gamer too
    I think I'm a little rusty coz I left real gaming for a while but I will try my best to beat anyone!
  8. hello whats up i see you are gamer but you would survial vs me in tactics or war or fighting
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