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  1. alright i already made it lol its in the arcade lol
  2. i cant create can you do it just you and me ok hurry i ant got much time left
  3. sure im game lol just let me know when you created it lol ^^
  4. nothing much i see you are in a few tornaments want to have a tornmant in bejeweled
  5. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol ^^ whats up with you?
  6. hey nothing much lol im doing fine my real name is halana lol lana for short =]
  7. whats ups rose what you doin by the way whats your real name?
  8. lol yea ok....ttyl when your online but you know im a girl right? just checking lol
  9. lol you need to go read the rules and check it out i think you need to be a community member with between 50 and 100 posts. but im not sure lol
  10. bye i got to go i talk to you later!! sorry
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