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  1. cool i like chobits and the get backers too. i want to finsh the tv serirs to chobits.
  2. Other favorites include Bleach, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh, Gravitation, Getbackers, and Excell Saga to name only a few. I used to skateboard, and I play a lot of RPG games like Final Fantasy and Star Ocean. Most of the time I'm at work as a produce clerk at Giant. I've been on AO for 4 years, and was the official AO helper for a while. A junior mod of sorts. Funny thing, DNAngel isn't even in my top 5, but Phantom Thief Dark has been chosen as the face of "Mega". I'll always use his image as my own, just cause I've been doing so for all these years.
  3. what your favorite anime besides from D N angel? also what do you want to do whats do you like to do?
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