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  1. ya we can i think we start eoct tomammow so i will see ok
  2. Can we do that tomorrow?, Cause I'm sleeping now...
  3. ok we well play bejewled i hope you are ready for a beat down
  4. What is the competition then huh? Am always ready for competitions really
  5. its cool for me i guess i start eoct this wensday im sorta prepared so are you up for a little competion
  6. its been a bad/funny/hardcore?/good day for me...
    So what's your day eh?
  7. hey whats up what to have a little tornament friendly competion
  8. Sorry,I didn't know about Ouran High School Club but maybe you can look for some members in here that Knows Ouran...Sorry again
  9. hey whats up do you know the ouran host club anime show if you do i need some Q&A?
  10. That's my fave episode to of Code Geass..
    That was a hilarious episode! eheheahehaehaheaheaheahe :d
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