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  1. Yeah sure i didn't meen that you should change it ^^ i was just saying that next you should maybe write a little more about your site, so that there might be more that would join
  2. well sorry but I can only type so much w/out my teacher checking my computer.
    how's this?
    I would like to cordially invite you to my website! It is called Manganime. It is a site that is about anime,manga,poetry,rping, and anything that you can talk about. The site is

  3. Umm yeah maybe ^^ perhabs i'll look into it and see what it's about

    But you could've been a little more creative about your presentation of your site ^^
  4. Hey. DO you want to join my website? it is
  5. Helloo ^^ umm yeah but i wouldn't say that i'm obsessed with Evanesence XD i just have quite a large taste when it comes to music so....
  6. Hello. SO do you like Evanescence? I am OBSESSED with that band!
  7. O.o Hello ^^ i'm good, i've just got home from work and you??
  8. hello. How are you today? ASL? I'm christy, 16, live In Indiana
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