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  1. i dont know i didnt speak to him during last week so i dont know where he is =[ did you read some of the earlier posts? there was a dance but i wasnt online when they had it lol
  2. my spring break was really boring. i posted on pu. it's good to be back on ao. what happened to will (secret lover)? he's never on anymore.
  3. yea ^^ hopefully you'll be online today?^^ oh and how was your spring break?
  4. hey I'm back. I was on spring break so i couldn't talk. srry.
  5. hey let me know when your back online so we can continue with the rpg lol cuz right now we're floating in space lol
  6. oh thats really cool but i am smiley challenged lol hmmmmmmmm let me try lol
  7. when you pm someone you see all these smileys and it says the names beside them.
  8. wow how do you know all those little smile characters?? o.0? they are amazing
  9. I posted on pu. aryt: :rockband2:
  10. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet^^ this day is gonna be the best day EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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