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  1. this is why you are not a com member
    :Community Member
    Achieved after 30 days AND 100 posts.
    Elite Member
    Achieved after 150 days AND 500 posts.
    Veteran Member
    Achieved after 365 days AND 1000 posts.
  2. oh hmmm that seems weird that it wont label you as a com member yet hmmm but yea sure ill thank your posts
  3. I have 100 posts but I'm not a com. member yet? If you could thank all my posts that might help.
  4. Thank you^^
    com member??
    post post post pos^^ i think you need a 100 for com mem; 500 for elite 1000 for veteren and they pick you to be a mod
  5. yea! Happy B-day! I will say that everyday until the day. How do you become a com member?
  6. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy^^ i posted in pu^^ how are you today?
    oh and my BDAY IS THURSDAY ^^
    ILL BE 17 =]
  7. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  8. i try not to bother cuz most of them are on dates and stuff and im just trying to caus havoc and chaos lol im like a ticking time bomb lol (psssst they just dont know it yet)
  9. I know but I will have to read 100 pages cuase I can't get on over the weekends.
  10. lol yea i posted in pu^^ i really like this rpg its really good i hope it lasts for a while^^
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