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  1. yea shes in a very complicated spot so she'll HAVE to make a decision
  2. TOUCHE. i guess that is true............................................
  3. wow shes in a pickle well she can always keep them secret its not like they are ever going to meet.
  4. well, he knows she's bi and he is okay with that. but i don't know what to tell her cause she's nervous about it. she cares for both of them.
  5. then yea shes cheating she cant have both at the same time. either have one or the other . or else its cheating.
  6. yeah. She already told him that she is bi and he doesn't have a problem with it, so yeah. but he might care that she has a gf............
  7. well......yea she should tell him shes bi i mean when your in a relationship you kinda have to tell me those kind of things from jump start. just tell her not to think about it and when her conscience gets to much for her she'll have to make a decision. whether she wants to or not
  8. I know! that's bascially what I said! she's not going to meet him but she wants to stay with him. and her girlfriend, well she wants to saty with her to. so I think she needs to tell him cause he is the only one who don't know about her girlfreind. if that doesn't make sense then I will rephrase that.
  9. ...........................why? i dont wanna be rude but thats really stupid if she has a problem with it just tell her to break up with her online boyfriend i mean does she plan on meeting him (online) in real life? if not tell her to end it. if so if her boy friend at school it just depends on their personalities i mean its really hard to see a personality through a computer screen unless its over time.
  10. well see, that's what I told her but sheis still freaking out about it.
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