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  1. *blushes* don't embarrass me. lol what is this pshic thing?
  2. awww how cute^^ i wanna do an rpg called phsycic( dont know if i spelled it right) univerisity but it takes me forever and a day to make up a character lol^^
  3. I'm okay. how are you. i finally learned secret lover's name! It's William.
  4. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy^^ whats up lol how is your day going?
  5. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol
  6. lol
    ttyl class is almost over for me too

    have a good birthday^^
  7. yea sorry i still dont see the delete button and i dont want to report it cuz that might get you in trouble =[
    hey do you have any pictures i could use for my sig?
  8. hey I'm going to log off cause class is almost over. bye, oh and
  9. near where the time it was sent are little white boxes. yeah go to user cp and go to edit sig. then type what you want and put a pic on it.
  10. hey do you know how to do sigs? im tired of jacking other ppl's old ones lol
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