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  1. heyyyyyyyy ^^ long time no talk lol how have you been?
  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy when you get back online do you think you can help me with my website its not doing so well pweazzzzzz ? lol
  3. it takes practice and alot of whole lot of work and determination and fast clicking! :P
  4. hey how do you get a high score on kill tweety? I am so confuzzled.
  5. oh man lol who's the guy???? just send it over pm lol >.< i just got out of guy drama not so fun, so what he do?
  6. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ugh now I am having guy troubles. he is driving me nuts!
  7. heyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy yyyyyyyy yyyyy ^^
  8. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyy
  9. i know he posted on my messages on here it was so f* ridiculous and i almost fell for it! ^^ i cussed at him tho^^made me really happy =]
  10. what awesome sent? then you have my complete supprt!
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